Thursday, May 24, 2012

5 Tips on Integrated Marketing: Marketing the Association in the Digital Era

Five AMC professionals shared 60 ideas/tips on marketing the association in the digital age at the recent ASAE Great Ideas Conference. The ideas were shared in 5 categories:
  • Integrated Marketing 
  • Twitter &/or IM 
  • Mobile &/or QR Codes 
  • Facebook &/or LinkedIn 
  • Blogs, Websites &/or Slide Share 
This is the final installment of the top 5 ideas in each of the 5 major categories. You can click here for the full PowerPoint. This week, we're focusing on Integrated Marketing.

Previously, I’ve shared
· 5 tips on Twitter and/or IM
· 5 tips on mobile technology
· 5 Tips on Facebook/LinkedIn
· 5 Tips on Blogs & Websites

Tip #1: Your Association’s Directory
Shared by Betsy Wintringer, Association Management Center
When publishing how and where members can connect with your organization, be sure to include all avenues—traditional and social.

Tip #2: Your Force Multiplier
From Greg Schultz, The Sherwood Group
Every issue of the Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology is supported by a “force multiplier” plan to get folks in the field and the media talking before and after the print issue drops. Buzz is generated and regenerated by Tweets, Facebook posts, posts on the organization’s vestigial listserv and a media release. Plan ahead, respect your publication embargo rules, and raise awareness of “traditional” publications via new communications channels, especially those that encourage more discussion.

Tip #3: Plan Your Messages
Shared by Jeannie Sheehy, The Bostrom Corporation
When putting together an integrated marketing plan for your meeting, layout the exact content/messaging that is approved for use and define exactly what content is going to be delivered where – this eliminates a lot of repetitive messaging hitting the same audiences over and over again. For TRI (Tin Roofing Institute) we highlighted different components of the meeting benefits/messages and identified ahead of time what was emailed, posted on LinkedIn and put on the website. We used a Social Media planning sheet for PIMA and The Content Marketing Institute has some incredible templates and tips as well.

Tip #4: Share Social Media Duties
From Hugh Whaley, AMR Management Services
Don’t segregate social media functions. Spread the knowledge and responsibilities of social media (monitoring, responding) across staff so that the process is integrated throughout the team.

Tip #5: Location, Location, Geolocation
Shared by Brian Riggs, Association Headquarters
Use “don’t forget to check in” language on collateral materials.
Work with hotels to have your association appear on their “check in pages.”
Allow people to form an opinion of your dynamism through your check ins.

Looking for more marketing ideas for your association. We’ll be back at ASAE12 in Dallas with a new list of tips and ideas. Our session, Key Marketing Tips in the Age of Social Media: Sharing Solutions & Solving Problems, will begin at 1:30 pm on Sunday, August 12.

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