Sunday, April 1, 2012

Marketing the Association in the Social Media Era: 11 1-minute crowd-sourced tips from Ideas12

I facilitated a panel of association marketing professionals at last week’s ASAE Great Ideas Conference. Our topic: Marketing the Association in the Google+ Era.

We closed the session with roundtables during which participants provided their ideas and tips.

Each table shared one tip with the standing room only audience.

Here are the tips as recorded by Jeannie Sheehy of the Bostrom Corporation:
  1. Group put together Facebook ad to increase their likes – cost was $500 and it greatly increased the likes on their site and trained their membership about Facebook.
  2. Twitter & personality – selected Board members and volunteers tweet when out visiting residents and advocacy contacts – let’s the membership know what’s going on from an individual leader perspective.
  3. App – QR Code directed to App Store at meeting for participants to download right there on site. “Tech-oriented” volunteers wore special t-shirts and were available to assist attendees.
  4. Snap an App promotion and slides with QR Codes to launch new Mobile apps from the association.
  5. Social Media Plan Spreadsheet.
  6. Video testimonials of certification program done by instructors.
  7. Distribution of press releases in both print and video form.
  8. On Facebook, integrate poll from monthly newsletter with Facebook page to increase traffic.
  9. Tweet a day with fun fact in conjunction with month long celebration of key event.
  10. One group hosts local “blogging parties.” A member blogger hosts a party at a toy store to educate moms on the association’s mission.
  11. A group with an annual Conference of about 800-1000 people used Animoto for high quality video slide show at and after conference.
Bonus Shared by Steve: When should you tweet for the greatest reach?

I plan to share the other 60+ tips/ideas over the next few weeks.