Sunday, April 8, 2012

Best of the Week: 7 Valuable Articles for Association Management Professionals

Here are seven articles association management professionals will find of value.  Again, for those that are about companies/businesses, remember to substitute "association" for

Do People Still Use Fax Machines? - Assoc Life
After months of designing, building and testing, the new online membership renewal system is online and waiting for your members! But what comes next completely overwhelms your office and your staff. No, it’s not a jam-packed email inbox - it has nothing to do with emails at all.  It’s the fax machine! Here are three thoughts from 
Support Services Unlimited: (1) Remove your fax number from all forms, especially the electronic ones! (2) Start phasing out your fax number on all communications (email signature, etc.). (3) Make the online process incredibly intuitive with large submission buttons and simple instructions.

What John Elway Can Teach You About Talent Management
While fans of Tim Tebow will likely vehemently disagree, Scott Eblin of MonsterThinking puts John Elway, executive vice president of football operations for the Denver Broncos, in the running for manager of the year. Here are three lessons from Elway that I think managers should keep in mind for the next time they face a talent management dilemma: (1) Stay True to Your Standards; (2) Take the Extra Steps; (3) Show Some Grace and Class.

How to Use Webinars to Create Great Relationships with Prospects and Customers
While this article from Copyblogger is written for businesses, it offers valuable information for associations and nonprofits. You may have noticed that a lot of businesses are using webinars to generate leads. Do webinars work for that? Absolutely — they’re fantastic at it, as a matter of fact. But you might not know that you can also use webinars to build great relationships with customers and prospects. The fact is, webinars can be used in all kinds of different ways, depending on your business goals. The more creatively you approach them, the better business results you’re going to see.

The Demand Perspective: Expanding Membership Categories & Models
This article from Ana Caraveli at the DemandPerspective focuses on how to increase
the engagement of corporate members. It outlines four key strategies to consider in the planning of corporate or expanded membership models: (1) Reconfigure rather than just add; (2) Clarify strategic business objectives; (3) Clarify strategic business objectives; and (4) Serve economic ecosystems rather than one segment within them.

News Flash to Nonprofits: Quit Messing With Pinterest and Get an Email System
Coupled with maintaining a first-rate website, sending informative, quality emails to supporters is the bedrock of nonprofit communications, according to Carol Buckheit at Nonprofit MediaWorks. Email is still king of the communications empire–whether one is cultivating donors, recruiting volunteers, or promoting a new program. Why? It still tends to yield consistently better results than any other online tool. So why, why, why are some organizations neglecting an email strategy in favor of the latest and greatest social media tools? (I mean you, Pinterest.)

Good Managers Lead Through a Team
From Linda Hill and Kent Lineback in the Harvard Business Review: We consider the ability to manage a team so important that, in a recent book, we made it one of the "3 Imperatives for Becoming a Great Leader:" Manage Your Team — the first imperative — is about creating a real team and managing through it. For the record, the other two imperatives are Manage Yourself — which is about building relationships based on trust, not authority — and Manage Your Network, which is about connecting and collaborating with those you don't control. "Manage your team" might seem clear and straightforward. Yet when we talk about it, we often find it's not an intuitive concept for many managers and for some it even cuts against the grain of what they think they should do as bosses.

Content: The Hottest Member Retention Tool Around
Content curation is demanding on resources, so how do you keep your content working for you, not you working for it? How do you harness this tool to double down on results without doubling up the demand on your resources? Content products must be aligned with your organizational short-term goals. Long-term goals are pretty vague in guiding you to identify new content topics, but short term goals spell it out.


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