Thursday, March 1, 2012

Research Shows Digital Media: The Must Use Tools for Associations and NonProfits

Mobile is transforming into a powerful commerce tool, facilitating consumer transactions and access to real-time information and deals. And, it will impact trade associations, professional societies and nonprofit charities as well.

As reported in USA Today, Nielsen and NM Incite released last week a new State of the Media: U.S. Digital Consumer Report.

The report offers some valuable information for association management professionals.

I’ve pulled what I view are the key elements for associations and nonprofit organizations. This information is important for your membership, marketing, communications and content management efforts.
Increasing Power of Mobile CommerceMobile is transforming into a powerful commerce tool, facilitating consumer transactions and access to real-time information and deals. Nearly a third (29%) of smartphone owners use their phone for shopping-related activities and more than half of mobile users are repeat visitors to daily deal sites. What is your organization doing for mobile connections with members, donors and prospects?

By the numbers: A Huge Audience for Associations & Nonprofits

  • 274.2 million Americans have internet access (up from 132 million in 2000)
  • 165.9 million people watched a video on a computer
  • 181 million blog sites with combined 80 million unique visitors
  • 169.6 million visitors to social networks/blogs
  •  81 billion minutes spent on social networks/blogs
  •  21.3% of Internet time devoted to social networks/blogs
  • YouTube represents 44.7% of online video 
  • Google is #1 (by audience size) web brand in Brazil, Germany, Italy, France, United Kingdom, Switzerland, U.S., Australia and Spain
Some generational differences
  • Although more older Americans are buying them, smartphones continue to be a major way to reach/engage younger Americans as 58.8% of those 18-34 year-olds own a mobile phone. Meanwhile, 36.3% of 35-54 year-olds own a mobile phone; only 12.6% 55+ year-olds own one. 
Diversity issues for using social media
Are you seeking women as members or donors? Video and social media/blogs are an entry point.
  • Women represent 53% of online video viewers and 54% of social network/blog users
  • 33% of consumers streamed a movie or tv show from the internet through a subscription service like Netflix or Hulu Plus
  • Females account for 64% of total time spent watching video content on Netflix and Hulu
  • 79% of social network/blog visitors are white; 10% black; 12% Hispanic
Pinterest rapidly growing

  • 4.5 million unique visitors in October 2011
  • 25-34 year old consumers using Pinterest more than other age groups
  • My thoughts on associations and Pinterest I posted yesterday (Feb 29) at the SCDdaily blog 
Distracted or Multitasking?
  • 57% of smartphone and tablet owners checked email while watching TV
  • 44% of smartphone and tablet owners visited a social networking site while watching TV
  • 19% looked up product info from an ad they saw
  • 16% looked up coupons or deals related to a TV ad they saw

Mobile Shopping Activities in the past 30 Days

  • Comparing prices online while shopping in a store 38% 
  • Browsing products through websites or apps 38%
  • Reading online reviews of products 32%
  • Searching for/using online coupons 24%
  • 27% of male and 22% of female online consumers would use their mobile phones to make payments in restaurants or shops if they could

Personally, it is no longer good enough for associations and nonprofits to claim their members/donors aren’t using digital media. Organizations that continue that position will not survive.

PS.  Want more?  Check out this Infographic on the amount of social media used every 60 seconds. Thanks to Jeff Hurt for sharing this info.  

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