Sunday, March 4, 2012

Pinterest for Association Management: An Alternative View

Last week, I posted 

Pinterest: 6 Potential Uses for Association Management Professionals

Today, I discovered this differing view.
Why Pinterest Is Not the Next Big Thing for Your Business (Association)

At least three key points emerge in this commentary:
  • The great learning from playing with Pinterest and even exploring ways to use it to help support your objectives is that you get to witness how important visual stimulation and social sharing is in the  grand scheme of attracting interest. 
  • The big message in all of this though is clarity of purpose. Until you’re clear on your marketing strategy every new tactic will sound like the next big thing. 
  • I would suggest you look into some other sites employing visual scanning and visual stimulation to actually make money. There may be greater learning to be had at sites like The orPolyvore.
As I noted in my post, Pinterest offers there are some potential functions for audience building and member engagement.  As this DuctTape Marketing post notes, use Pinerest if it fits your overall strategies.

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