Thursday, March 22, 2012

Marketing the Association in the Social Media Era: Glean 60 ideas from 1-minute tips

60+ Marketing Ideas in 75 Minutes
I’m facilitating a panel of association marketing professionals at the ASAE Great Ideas Conference this week (March 26).

Our topic: Marketing the Association in the Google+ Era
Note:  Despite the title, this session is about all forms of marketing not just Google+ marketing.

We divided the ideas into five major categories. I’ve shared one idea in each catergory.

1. Integrated Marketing
  • From Greg Schultz at The Sherwood Group: Every issue of the Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology is supported by a “force multiplier” plan to get folks in the field and the media talking before and after the print issue drops. Buzz is generated and regenerated by Tweets, Facebook posts, posts on the organization’s vestigial listserv and a media release. Plan ahead, respect your publication embargo rules, and raise awareness of “traditional” publications via new communications channels, especially those that encourage more discussion.
2. Twitter & Instant Messaging
  • From Jeannie Sheehy of Bostrom Corporation: We’ve found is better for Twitter searches because you can search, filter it and then follow those tweeting your subjects.
3. QR Codes and/or Mobile Tools
  • From Hugh Whaley of AMR Management Services: Link QR codes to specific and applicable landing pages and/or information, not just a company or association website.
4. Facebook and/or LinkedIn
  • From Betsy Wintringer of the Association Management Center: A white board campaign is a great way to connect with members: especially at your membership booth. The value lies in the peer to peer messaging that comes out of the questions/comments you ask for on the white board. The responses can then be re-purposed and used on Facebook, web home page, and in membership materials. 
5. Blogs, websites and/or SlideShare
  • From Brian Riggs of Association Headquarters: Platforms such as Prezi and Vimeo can be used as alternates for Powerpoint and Youtube. Prezi is a dynamic platform for presentations and Vimeo allows for robust videos with private channels.

If you’re at Great Ideas 12, join us for idea sharing. In addition to providing the top 25 marketing ideas, we’re seeking ideas from those in the audience (or those of you on Twitter). You can find us at #ideas12 LD4. The session starts at 10:45 am (MDT), Monday, March 26. We’re in The Broadmoor’s Colorado Hall D.

What you can do:
  1. Download and review the full list of ideas from ASAE’s Great Ideas website.  
  2. Post marketing ideas that you and your association have used successfully that you don’t feel we have included ... please post them to the comments section before Monday morning!
  3. If you are attending the Great Ideas Conference (#ideas12), please come to our session (LD4)and add to the discussion. If you are not at the Great Ideas Conference, follow our Tweets (#60ideas) and Tweet us your ideas.

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