Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Marketing the Association in the Digital Age: 5 tips on Twitter and/or IM

Five AMC professionals shared 60 ideas/tips on marketing the association in the digital age at the recent ASAE Great Ideas Conference. The ideas were shared in 5 categories: 
  1. Integrated Marketing
  2. Twitter &/or IM 
  3. Mobile &/or QR Codes 
  4. Facebook &/or LinkedIn 
  5. Blogs, Websites &/or Slide Share. 

Over the next week or so, I’ll share the top 5 ideas in each of the 5 major categories and any of the ideas the audience surfaced. You can click here for the full PowerPoint. Tip #6: Tweet it up
Shared by Betsy Wintringer, Association Management Center
Join or coordinate a TweetChat to raise awareness of your organization, reach new audiences and followers and raise your Klout score!

Tip #7: txts get read
From Greg Schultz, The Sherwood Group
If you want the fastest possible response to a question, request or information, send a text. 97% of texts are read; 90% are read in 4 minutes; 91% are responded to within an hour. The median age of text msg user is 38. Here are three examples of how our clients are using text messages:
1. Internal and external fundraising to support specific and urgent issues.
2. Breaking news for conference participants.
3. Advocacy and grassroots building.

These programs of course are opt in. And you must not abuse the access you’ve been granted.

Tip #8: Twitter Searching
Shared by Jeannie Sheehy, The Bostrom Corporation
We’ve found www.filtertweeps.com is better for Twitter searches because you can search, filter it and then follow those tweeting your subjects.

Tip #9: Use Hashtags at Events
From Hugh Whaley, AMR Management Services
Create and promote a hashtag before and during your event. Include the hashtag on all promotions (print and digital) leading up to the event, as well as printed programs and signage at the event. Hashtags are a great way to start conversations around your event and create excitement.

Tip #10: You’ve Got Personality
Shared by Brian Riggs, Association Headquarters
Show your audience your personality through Twitter. Create regularly scheduled messages specific to your audience.

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