Monday, March 26, 2012

Ever Wonder about Content Marketing? Here’s Specific Example for Associations

Have you heard of content marketing and wondered what it looks like?

Well here’s an example from a small business. You can use it as a model for your association.

A version of the ad above appeared in last week’s Fort Myers newspaper.

What Works

  • Simple: Snowbird Checklist offered by Insurance Fire & Water Restorations.
  • Timely: vast number of Florida snowbirds head back north at the end of March ... so this topic is fresh.
  • Valuable tips: with thousands of Florida homeowners departing for their summer homes, IFW offers 22 individual tips/suggestions to “summerize” their homes while they are gone.
  • Consistent: featured on company website and company blog.
Missed Opportunity
  • The ad did not list website on the ad.  What a wasted opportunity!
  • Last post on their blog was June of 2011. Why not post an individual blog on each of the 22 tips? Each could be put into a question format with answers and photos or videos. (See how Marcus Sheridan of River Pools & Spas uses his blog (with tremendous success) to answer common consumer questions. 
Benefits of Content Marketing
If IFW had run a “typical company ad,” most of us would have ignored it as “unneeded propaganda.” This ad, however, provided value information to me and thousands of others. And (even though they failed to include their website in the ad) drove me to their website. Providing information of value rather than self-promotional propaganda makes content marketing a valued strategic tool for companies ... and for associations and nonprofits.

What could your association do?
  1. To help your members, your association could prepare a “model” checklist for their businesses.
  2. To enhance your association’s position as a thought leader, you could create a similar “campaign” featuring information (content) from your association. Remember: don’t waste your resources with just one “ad” or element. Your content marketing campaign should include multiple elements: blog, website, video, photos, white papers, direct mail, speeches, etc. For more, see Andy Crestodina’s Content Chemistry: the Periodic Table of Content

Want to discover more about content marketing and how it can increase value for your association? 

Attend the 2012 Content Marketing Workshop for Associations and Nonprofits at the Content Marketing World conference in Columbus (Ohio) September 4-6, 2012!