Sunday, February 5, 2012

SCDdaily Readings of the Week: 9 Powerful Articles for Association Executives

Given the rapidly changing environment in which associations and nonprofits operate, my goal for SCDdaily is to scan various sources to find information important for association and nonprofit executives. I recognize you are busy working with your boards and staff and may not be able to read everything that may impact your organization. I believe that changes impacting people as consumers will eventually influence what they expect of associations and nonprofits. I often share these and offer comments on how they impact our organizations.  Here are nine powerful articles for association and nonprofit execs:Content Curation Primer
Associations are in the content business. It is a core value we provide members and their industry/profession. In this post, Beth Kanter provides great background and thought-provoking ideas for associations and nonprofits seeking to engage members and attract new members.

Humanize & the Millennial Generation
With Boomers turning 65 at the rate of 8 per minute, many associations are examining potential strategies on how to attract and engage the upcoming generations as members and leaders. Jamie Notter provides good information on this key topic.

97 ideas for Building a Valuable Platform
2012 is the year when social media over-saturation hits hard. In determining how to deliver value and stay relevant and visible in this new landscape, Chris Brogan provides 97 ideas to help you build a valuable platform.

Thinking Right (and Left) about Content Marketing
Some staff, volunteer leaders, members and prospects) are left-brain thinkers ... those who focus on logical, rational, sequential and analytical while others prefer more random, holistic and free-associated approaches. David Meerman Scott outlines what these two different approaches mean to our marketing and content. [By the way, if you want to examine other left brain / right brain studies, I recommend you look at the writings of Roger Von Oech.

Tablet Content Marketing: Crazy Stats and Time to Move
As I wrote in What do Apple’s 1st Quarter #s mean to you and your association or nonprofit? sales demonstrate the rapid shift to mobile tools. Joe Pulizzi provides a look at how this impacts our content and publisher strategies.

5 Easy (Seriously!) Steps to Better Buyer (Member) Profiling
As our member marketing faces increasing competition for time and money of our members and potential members, clearly defining our target audiences becomes vital to successfully recruiting and retaining members. Jayme Thomason outlines steps to better identifying and profiling your members and prospects so you can better fulfill their needs.

If You’re an Average Worker, You’re Going Straight to the Bottom
Seth Godin is one of my favorite writers. This is the key quote of this piece: “The current ‘recession is a forever recession’ because it's the end of the industrial age, which also means the end of the average worker.”

Conference Content as a Marketing Machine
Association conferences and events generate content (information, knowledge) of value to our members and prospects. Many associations fail to use the information generated at conferences as a valuable tool for marketing the association. Paul Wehking provides ideas you can use to add value to your members.

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