Thursday, February 23, 2012

Oldies but Goodies Can Add Value for Association Members

Back in January, I asked the question” Can “oldies but goodies” work for associations and nonprofits?

These three events kick-started the concept of reusing popular content:
  • The other day, I saw a preview STAR WARS: EPISODE I 3D ... talk about “oldies but goodies” ... the first Star Wars movie premiered back in 1977!
  • Tonight, I’m going to a Beatlemania “concert” ... 453 have registered to attend in a golf community of about 1,600.
  • Meanwhile the Jersey Boys performance of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons continues to pack in audiences all over the world.
In the entertainment world, Oldies but Goodies can pull crowds and re-energize the film/play.

Why not in the association world?

Perhaps an outstanding conference speaker should be re-engaged and re-used ... the 2nd time just might generate more audience because of the word of mouth factor.

Why not re-run a popular magazine article ... if the content is still relevant, a series from the past works in the magazine world ... why not in the association publishing world?

Did a prior member benefit offer generate lots of new members or renewed members? Well, what’s wrong with bringing it out for an encore return?

Sometimes we as association management staff stop using tools because we’re bored ... and miss the value re-runs offer because the members are not tired of it yet!

Perhaps it’s time you think about the value to your members of the five Rs of content:
  • Recycle. 
  • Reuse. 
  • Redistribute. 
  • Repackage. 
  • Renew & improve.
One last thing to remember ... with an entire new generation of members/prospects, they may not have received the original content. So, for that audience, it is not an oldie ... but it could become a goodie and new to them!

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