Sunday, January 15, 2012

You love your website: what about your members?

Our website is the most important communication channel say 68% of 1,288 non-profits and associations surveyed in 2011.


What do your members say about the importance of your website? How often do they come to your website to get valuable information about your industry/profession and/or your association or nonprofit?

My 2011 surveys of 1,026 members of seven different organizations show that members don’t regularly turn to their association website for news and information. In fact, nearly three fourths (72.2%) say they never or only occasionally look at the association’s website. (Let me know if you are interested in sending my survey to your members.)

The key findings in the 2012 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report from Kivi Leroux Miller’s provide some interesting information for association and nonprofit professionals.

The report identifies the Big Six: Most Important Nonprofit Communications Channels as:
#1 Website (68%)
#2 Email marketing/e-newsletters (67%)
#3 Printed newsletters/direct mail (38%)
#4 In-person events (38%)
#5 Facebook (31%)
#6 Media Relations/PR (28%)

One finding I find interesting: smaller organizations are using more social media while larger organizations are using more traditional media.

Which tools are you using? And how are you measuring which are most effective in communicating with (not to) your members and donors.

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