Sunday, January 29, 2012

What do Apple’s 1st Quarter #s mean to you and your association or nonprofit?

Last week, Apple reported on its first quarter sales and earnings.

Forget the profits ... look at the sales numbers!

In the 1st quarter (remember, this is just three - 3 - months), Apple sold 73.04 million units ... that is 25.4 million per MONTH!

Here’s what fascinates me and should catch your attention too:

  • MOBILE units (iPhones, iPads & iPods) represented 88.9% of all Apple sales! So, 9 out of every 10 Apple sales went to a mobile use.
  • Put it another way, for each computer it sold, Apple sold 14 mobile units! 

What does this mean to your association or nonprofit?

Simple: How fast can you become mobile? How soon will you have a mobile-friendly website?

IMHO: you can’t do it fast enough.

I love this post from Content Marketing Institute’s Joe Pulizzi ... the world is moving to “curl up technology” ... Joe says: “How can we take one story and develop that story into multiple formats and channels, telling the same engaging story in multiple ways our readers (members/donors) want it?”

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