Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Are your members or donors in the “survey fatigue” category?

As someone who loves surveying members, this AP story saying that consumers are tiring of surveys worried me.

Note that the folks at Pew research say response rates have fallen from 37% in 1997 to 11% in 2011.

"I resent the assumption that I'm interested in helping this company beyond making a purchase. Giving them your money is enough," says Travis Van, 34.

And as I noted in Strive 4 Five = Bogus Customer (member) research on January 4, these "bogus" customer evaluations (see photo I took at service desk this morning) most likely are adding to the "survey fatigue."

Survey fatigue raises some big issues for you and other organization professionals:
  1. How will associations and nonprofit organizations get an accurate assessment of member and/or donor attitudes if fewer and fewer members and donors respond to our surveys? 
  2. How will we discover reading habits of our magazines and newsletters?
  3. How will we learn whether attendees valued our conference or webinar?

I have no answers. Just these and other questions.

What are you doing to get reliable feedback from your members and donors?

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