Friday, December 9, 2011

“You Are What You Publish:” 16 platforms for associations & nonprofits

These insightful words are revealed inside David Meerman Scott’s book The New Rules of Marketing & PR. Scott’s book is based on his statement that “the web has changed the rules” of marketing and pr. 

As you think about your association or nonprofit organization, consider that “publish” today has many platforms beyond print.

Think of the multiple ways you can publish or 
be published as part of making your organization a thought leader for your industry or profession:
  1. A printed magazine or journal
  2. A printed newsletter
  3. A e-newsletter
  4. A Tip of the Week blast email
  5. A weekly (or daily) blog
  6. A new piece on your Website
  7. A speech or outline posted as a PowerPoint or pdf file on
  8. A vlog (video blog)
  9. A Tweet
  10. A Webinar
  11. A Podcast
  12. A direct mail postcard or flier
  13. A Facebook post
  14. A LinkedIn update
  15. A YouTube video
  16. A Flickr file of photos
The list becomes endless. As I posted back on November 8 (), creating something and “publishing” it only once or twice is wasteful. Use an editorial calendar to ensure that you get maximum value from every piece of content you produce.

You are what you publish. Make that the mantra of your content management and marketing strategy.


  1. Awesome list and thanks for referencing my work. I also suggest commenting on other people's blogs or on mainstream media news stories.

  2. Thanks David!

    Commenting on blogs and news stories is good too!

    Think it was you or Joe Pulizzi that suggested companies (and, therefore associations) should have a "chief content officer" or someone responsible for this function.