Monday, December 12, 2011

Recycle the Five Drive: Great Example of Real Time Marketing & PR

At the 2011 Content Marketing World Conference, David Meerman Scott talked extensively about the value and need for real time marketing and public relations.

Too many companies fail to operate in the present. They do a great job in planning for the future but fail to plan for NOW or react NOW. The Power Law of Marketing & PR shows value of NOW marketing.

Following the announcement that the Los Angeles (Anaheim) Angels had signed slugger Albert Pujols to a mega 10-year contract, a St. Louis church saw a way to use the St. Louis loss as a Los Angeles win.

Here’s one of their Tweets:

“Don't burn those Pujols jerseys! Bring them to The Gathering United Methodist Church—during business hours and on Sunday. Discarded t-shirts, jerseys, pull-overs, etc, will be donated to a clothing pantry in the LA area.”

The news media jumped on the story ... including:
In capitalizing on a major event (news story) in the beloved baseball Cardinal leaving St. Louis, the Gathering not only helps those in need in the LA area but also generates awareness of  the church itself.

And that, to me, is the essense of real time marketing and PR ... taking advantage of news events to help yourself while helping others.

Meerman included four action items in his discussion about real time marketing and pr:
1) Get real time mindset
2) Have a Real Time Officer
3) Marketing is about instant ... need a “trading desk” that monitors and responds instantly
4) Focus on the right measures. Applying traditional ROI metrics gets you in trouble.


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