Friday, December 16, 2011

2 Examples of 1st Alert Member Service

Is there a legitimate role for the association to serving a “first-alert” role for its members.

As time pressures continue to hit members of your association, perhaps associations such as yours can provide an “early warning system” for members.
Two St. Louis-based association execs shared similar stories about how they are using social media to alert members to issues of importance.

One – the ED of a local association – told of seeing a Twitter request from a local TV anchor seeking people who had “bad experiences” with one of her member companies. She called the member’s general manager to ask if they were aware that the local station was apparently doing a story on their company. The GM said “No, thanks” and promptly called the TV anchor to pro-actively engage her in the story. How’s that for member service!!

The other – the ED for a national association – told me of using Google News Alerts, Twitter and other tools to “scan” for stories and topics of his members. If he sees a “negative story,” he emails (or calls) the member’s CEO to alert the company about the story or issue. He said he has received multiple personal thank you letters.

Do you feel associations and nonprofits should provide early warning alerts to members?

What are you and/or your association or nonprofit organization doing to alert your members of potential negative stories?


  1. We do the best we can to search for and issue alerts to our member companies. We only search for company name and name of top exec at this point, even that limited searching causes a ton of false returns.

  2. Thanks for adding your info Vernon ... feel free to add more to the process you use to help your members.