Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Social Media Empowering Consumers (and members)

Ripped from Today's headlines: "Bank of America fee retraction shows effect of consumer rage"

Did the impact of social media on Bank of America pull back on debit card fee surprise you?

Probably shouldn't have. It is not the first time.

In fact, author David Meerman Scott ( this power during his presentation at the Content Marketing World conference when he surfaced the "Crap the Gap" logo design campaign that was part of a social media drive to spoof the new Gap logo. Gap later reverted to its original logo. Can you imagine what would have happened to the "new Coke" had social media been around? It was pretty fast without it!

So, what does this have to do with you, social media and your association or nonprofit?

Two main things

1st - are you harnessing your members and supporters and creating a permission-based alert system?* The USDA story mentioned that Consumers Union reached out to 780,000 people on its opt-in list following the original BofA debit card fee announcement, and some 40,000 of them asked for a congressional investigation into the fees.
* Are you requesting your members to opt-in for blast emails or text messages when you need them to act?

2nd - are you prepared to defend your organization in the event of a social media generated challenge?<<><>div>
* What is your crisis management strategy in the event individuals or a "group" comes after your organization and/or its products and services or industry/profession?

* Have you developed plans and strategies? Have you expanded your crisis communications plan to include social media?
* Are you tracking social media sites to get an early warning about such a campaign?

As you read this story, what am I missing? Would you be willing to share what you and your nonprofit is doing in this area? Please comment.

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