Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sharing Association Content Only Once is Wasteful!

Since reading Jay Conrad Levinson’s Guerrilla Marketing (http://www.gmarketing.com/) years ago, I’ve often referred to the “Rule of 9.”  Its core: we need to read/see/hear a message nine (9) times before we “receive” it.  But, because of clutter, we miss two out of three messages.  So, to “get hit” nine times, the message needs to be sent 27 times.

I thought of this recently when I heard Guy Kawasaki (http://www.guykawasaki.com/) mention that he tweets key messages eight (8) times a day.  Why?  Because – given the continuous and constant stream of Tweeted content – “Twitter is like a river” and people only see your Tweet if they are looking. So Tweet key content multiple times during the day.  (By the way, do NOT do this with Facebook or LinkedIn.)

Both of these tips make me realize that many of us in association and nonprofits have great content that we distribute only once or twice.

Take a typical conference speaker ... especially one that you are paying $5,000 or more to come talk to your attendees.  If they only speak at the conference, it is  a big waste that benefits only those who attend.

(To implement these suggestions, you may need to revised your “standard” speaker contracts.)

10 Ways to Use Content (Can you help me find 17 more?!)
These tips will let you do much more and provide more benefits to your members and your association community!
  1. Have your speakers tweet and blog key points at least 45 days BEFORE the conference.
  2. Have the speaker post the talk’s outline or PowerPoint to your conference website at least two weeks prior to the conference.
  3. Conduct a video interview of the speaker (before or during the conference) and post it to your website and your YouTube channel.
  4. Live stream key conference presentations via Ustream and alert all members (especially those who cannot attend the conference) so they can watch it.
  5. Have an official conference blogger and post daily blogs from the conference.  Link it to your website.
  6. Encourage attendees to tweet from sessions and be sure to have an “official” conference hashtag (#) so your community can easily follow your Twitter stream.
  7. Post conference messages on LinkedIn and encourage sharing & discussion on your LinkedIn group(s).
  8. Encourage (require) your speakers to provide you Power Points (or pdf files) and post them to your Slide Share account.  Be sure to post this account to your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts.
  9. Interview speakers and prepare article(s) in your organization’s journal, newsletter and/or e-letter.
  10. Convert your video interview into an audio interview and link this “podcast” to your website.
Who on your staff is coordinating efforts to get add value by maximizing use of material?  Is it your meetings department?  Your publications department?

What am I missing from this list? Can we expand it to a full 27 ways to share content so we are fulfilling the Rule of 9?

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