Thursday, November 17, 2011

Go Mobile Association. Go Mobile!

There are 1.2 billion computers in the world. But, there are 3.5 billion mobile phones. In the last three months of 2010, Apple sold 10 times more mobile units as it did Mac computers.

You and the rest of us need to quickly get mobile if we want to stay relevant to our members, donors and prospects! If you are not there, be there early in 2012!

Mobile apps are the rage. But apps are useless if you send a mobile user to your old website.

All websites are not created equally. Some work mobile; some don’t. Is your organization’s website mobile-friendly? If not, when do you plan to move in that direction. Tomorrow might not be soon enough.

What’s the difference? See these two examples from Southwest Airlines.

Like it our not, our members judge our websites and mobile capabilities based on what they experience with companies such as Southwest.

It’s time we in the nonprofit sector move to create a mobile friendly environment for our members and prospects. If we fail to go mobile before the end of 2011, we may find that our mobile members find a competitor who is mobile adept.

Interested in more on going mobile?  Check out this presentation graphic from Maddie Grant, Jeff DeCagna and Paul Gannon from the ASAE Technology Conference.

So, next question: how do you plan to get mobile? And, if you are already mobile, please send me a link to your site on the comments section.


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