Thursday, November 24, 2011

6 Reasons Why Your Organization Needs a Social Media Hub

My Twitter friend Colleen Dilenschneider gave me permission to share her post with you. Funny coincidence: her uncle and I shared the same PR prof at Ohio State.

A hub is an important part of an online communication strategy. The hub serves as a landing page for engaging content (stories, videos, anecdotes, etc). The hub functions much like a blog. It is critical for community building and, unlike most websites for visitor serving organizations, it must be updated constantly. Some organizations merge website and blog formats successfully by integrating their hub directly into their website. The hub is a place where social media links are directed and content is aggregated. Not to mention, having a hub is resourceful and it makes achieving online goals a whole lot easier.

Here are six ways that your organization will benefit from having a social media hub: 
  1. The hub provides a consistent home for engaging content. 
  2. The hub provides an opportunity for the coordination and curation of stories. 
  3. The hub is an easy, go-to place for real and potential visitors and evangelists. 
  4. The hub allows you to direct messaging so it aligns with your social media goals. 
  5. The hub also allows you to direct links so that you can better achieve your social media goals. 
  6. The hub increases site visitation and the possibility of earned media… and it only gets better from there. 

In sum, a hub is a critical way to harness interest in your organization. Without a hub, social media channels link out to YouTube, Flickr, Facebook statuses that are hard for interested parties to reference over time, various portions of an evolving website that may only be accessible for a few weeks, and other places. A hub gives an organization the opportunity to coordinate content, better meet social media goals, and tell a more compelling story online.

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