Friday, September 2, 2011

New Beginnings

I've sold Drake & Company to AMR Management Services.

AMR has hired all 27 DrakeCo staff and will maintain the office in Chesterfield.

Since the sale, a number of people have asked "So, what are you going to do?"

Great question!

I'm going to continue to assertively help AMR transition the management of my former clients and staff so they are successful! John Ruffin and his team have built an outstanding, charter-accredited association management company and I'm committed to whatever it takes for them to assimiliate my staff and clients so they can turn vision into action.

I'm NOT retiring but I am planning to slow down! I've averaged 3,000+ work hours per year, my goal is to cut that in half (at least)! A good chunk of this time will be spent with Barb, traveling and spending more time on the golf course!

The change allows me to concentrate my work life on my key passions:
* trend watching: associations, marketing, social media, cause marketing
* consulting: digital media, governance, marketing, communications audits
* speaking: bridging the generations, marketing in the digital age
* blogging: association & nonprofit trends; cause marketing
* tweeting: @stevedrake (associations, agriculture, nonprofits) and @causeaholic (cause marketing)

In the past few years, I've built a consulting and speaking practice and hope to continue that work as a way to give back to the association and non-profit community.

The SCD Group will concentrate on consulting and speaking assignments. Working with and through AMR Management Services, I will focus on consulting and speaking with a number of organizations. As needed, I will recruit other consultants (the Group part of SCD) to fulfill the assignments.

This website will serve as my core platform for posting trends and sharing ideas for associations and nonprofit organizations. It also provides a link to my Causeaholic blog postings.

I look forward to working and sharing with you.


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