Monday, October 12, 2015

Does Your Association Blog? Consistently?

I was looking for local attorneys for my mother-in-law (who is moving here next month) and came across a firm that included a blog on its website.

I clicked on the blog tab and was surprised (even disappointed) when the last post was dated in mid-2014. The firm started its blog and was posting once a month ... but, then abruptly stopped. Why?

Does your association blog? Regularly? What is your strategy?

Check your association’s website. I’m often surprised at how few association websites keep current. Old blog posts. “News” sections where the last “news” item is more than six months old.

Someone within the organization needs to “own” the blog and website and be responsible for keeping it current.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Can you really motivate association staff?

Jamie Notter posted a great piece this week on culture headlined Why Successful Companies Are Okay with People Leaving.

  • But your employees are humans, not spare parts, and that fundamentally changes asaethe equation. The potential of a human-centered organization is dependent on the humans inside the organization reaching their own potential. When your people can be themselves at work, feel a deep connection between the work they’re doing and their own development, and consistently do what they’re best at, then performance goes through the roof. We intuitively know this (and call it “high employee engagement”), yet since we continue to manage with a machine mindset, we are rarely able to achieve it.
Yesterday’s paper carried two related stories:

Miami Dolphins fire head coach “for failure to motivate players.”
  • “But doubts only grew this season regarding Philbin's inability to motivate players with his bland demeanor.”
Washington Nationals fire manager for reasons including “poor communications”
  • In describing what he will look for in a manager to replace Matt Williams, Washington Nationals GM Mike Rizzo might have been pointing out exactly what he felt went wrong with the man he hired two years ago and fired Monday.
  • "Leadership qualities, knowledge of the game, X's and O's are all important. Communication in the clubhouse, communication within the coaching staff, is vital," Rizzo said during a telephone conference call.
The real question ... 

  • are professional staff “entities” that can be motivated? Or, are most staff self motivated?

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Do your board members have offices in your association’s headquarters?

If so, why?

I’ve always worked with national/international associations and we did not have offices for board members. Perhaps large local associations provide officers for board members?

I raise the issue because of the on-going saga here with the local school board and school superintendent.

The school board seems dysfunctional. They have been through 6 superintendents in 18 years. The most recent superintendent resigned less than three years after her appointment.

When she was hired as an interim/acting/temporary/permanent superintendent, I posted this blog in 2013 asking: Would you take this Nonprofit CEO position?

Monday, September 28, 2015

7 Oldies but Goodies for Associations Executives

The other night some couples were discussing their favorite “old” television programs. You know: Seinfield, Mork & Mindy, Laverne & Shirley, etc.

Associations can benefit from using some “oldies but goodies” ... especially with older members and/or with great content that could be refreshed.

With that spirit, here are some of my “old posts” that are worth revisiting:

Should associations use faux research to advocate a cause?
It continues to amaze me on how “gullible” the news media is to faux research reports produced by advocacy groups. I’ve posted other blogs about “research.” Today, I saw multiple news items about the newest poll on Republican presidential candidates “polling numbers.” The “reporters” talked about 1-3 point changes in a given candidates standings. What they didn’t mention is that the poll had an error range of 6.5 percent ... meaning the results were basically full of error.

Would you take this Nonprofit CEO position?
As I’ve followed this “case,” I’ve wondered whether the board itself is dysfunctional? Or, have they just failed to hire the right person to be superintendent. I posted this June 2013. Earlier this month, the superintendent resigned. Hum?

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Traditions Can Boost Member Loyalty

I went back to Columbus to an Ohio State football game last week.

It happened to be Alumni Band Day and it incorporated alumni cheerleaders and recognition of former championship football and baseball teams.

Here is a selection of Ohio State’s Game Day traditions:
  • Skull Session: This is the band’s rehearsal and open to the public. It draws about 14,000 people for the hour.
  • Team Walk: The football team stays in an on-campus hotel and walks to the band’s Skull Session. After a “pep rally,” the team then walks (through hundreds of fans) from the Arena to the Stadium.