Thursday, July 24, 2014

Eyes Wide Open: Should You Be the First to Interview?

Whether hiring a key executive or selecting an agency or AMC, associations and other organizations normally involve a committee and ask candidates to interview. Many set an interview schedule that involves having three to five candidates come the same day.

Colleagues often ask me ...

  • Should they be interviewed first or last? 
  • Should they to be first or last to present to a potential new client? 
(Both questions assume you have a choice on the order you are interviewed or meet with a potential client.)

Over the years, I’ve heard rationale for both. 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Survey Says: Top 10 Reasons Why Boards Fail

As I posted back on June 29, our panel at the upcoming ASAE Annual Meeting (#ASAE14) will present case studies on Why Boards Fail and How to Fix Them.

One of our challenges is to gather reasons for board failures, sort them, rank them and determine which to focus on during our 60-minute session (10:30 - 11:30 am, Tuesday, August 12). #asae14 LL9

Our panel decided to start by crowd-sourcing the reasons boards fail. We developed an initial list of 25 and then circulated a Survey Monkey link via Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn and various ASAE Collaborate groups.

140 association executives responded! Thank you!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Lessons from the Moon Walk

Front Page of the Wapak Daily News; Steve interviewing Mrs. Armstrong

45 years ago today (7/20/14), I was a young Associated Press reporter covering astronaut Neil Armstrong’s parents while he walked on the moon. Even though we reporters spent most of the 10 days in the garage, it was an amazing experience! Being teamed with veteran AP photographer Gene Herrick made the assignment even more special!

Some of the lessons I learned translate to association management.

1. Learn the territory
  • Gene and I went to Wapakoneta a month before the moon walk to do a preview story. In the process, we met key leaders of Wapak (as it is called in Ohio). A NASA contract with Time Magazine prevented Mr. and Mrs. Armstrong from talking directly with other reporters. So we (thanks to Gene) kept digging. We found the location for Neil’s grandma’s farm and drove out to it. (The Time contract did not extend to her.) Turned out that Neil’s mom was there too. While she didn’t talk with us, Gene was able to grab a photo of her. (Knowing the location of the farm paid off later.)

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Causes boost marketing for association members

Photo by Amanda Inscore of The News-Press

I love this story of one person’s cause work and what it shows associations and other nonprofit organizations! 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Perspective influences views & decisions

2 photos: same place, same time, different perspective!

Differing perspectives of board members often influence discussions and decisions of associations and nonprofit organizations.

Debates often continue without board members realizing those different perspectives.

Individual perspectives result from
  • it depends on where you sit (officer, board member, committee member, association executive)
  • it depends on where you look (internally, externally, short-term, long-term, strategic or tactical)
  • it is based on your culture or environment (your profession or industry, your generation, your gender, your race, your state of origin)